Why are people Opting for other Messengers instead of WhatsApp?

Many users of WhatsApp have been loyal to this end to end encryption messenger due to its multiple features. However, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and this has been causing trouble for the users. They do not trust Facebook for securing their data and information and also for keeping WhatsApp non-monetized and ad-free.

In the last few months, this field has seen the emergence of new players, and these platforms are gaining users in good numbers. So if any WhatsApp user wants to change from their existing platform, they are very lucky. There are many options now, and the two prominent ones are Signal and Telegram.


This platform makes use of security and usability. The app has ensured that the security of your messages will be maintained. This has made the user experience rewarding. There are no cloud backups on this platform. If a user changes to a new Android phone or an iPhone, some methods can be used for restoring the messages. The Signal does not allow your data to slip into Apple or Google cloud. This is helpful, as your data will not be compromised. 

WhatsApp’s default backup option is to the cloud, and it does not have an end to end encryption of the platform. This means if you lose the phone, you lose the messages on it. Android users have to copy the local backup file to offline storage. They also have to keep the 30 digit password for restoring a new installation. 

The usability of Signal is fantastic, and this is the reason why the platform has been gaining users fast. The user will not get any message history when they link it with a new device. After the link is opened, the new messages can be restored. It is better than the desktop app of WhatsApp.

The Signal is preferred now because the experience is similar to that of WhatsApp without the backing of Facebook. 



The other alternative to WhatsApp that has been in the news in Telegram. This platform has been hailed as the pirate of the world of messaging. This was established in Russia, but the headquarters are in Dubai. Telegram consists of a server-based style and uses its security protocol for encrypting the end devices with the servers. This is different from WhatsApp as it enables multi-platform and multi-device access.


The confidential chats are end-to-end encrypted and are limited to one device on each side. As compared to Signal, Telegram has even more multi-platform options for the users. However, these have not been built in a way so that they can work with end-to-end encryption. 


The conversations are end-to-end-encrypted. The secret chats are available on request on this platform. 


Telegram lacks the transparent security that was available with Signal. The server-based architecture and the lacking of end-to-end encryption raise the chances of compromising data. 


Telegram is different from the other messengers as it has options for channels and groups. The groups can have 200 000 members, while the channels can have limited subscribers.


So if you want a messaging option that is free from the purview of Facebook, then Signal and Telegram are the two best options. 



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