Whether you are a tech start up, a new retail business or just promoting your skills online, a website plays a very crucial role in shaping the future course of your enterprise.

If you are planning to start afresh or just want to refresh your current site, the pointers below help you avoid beginners mistakes.

Domain Name:

The key tips to flesh out a good domain name are below

  • Check your competition.
  • Social Media Compatibility:
  •  Short is Good
  • Check Trademark:
  • Ensure it is memorable
  • See if the price fits your budget.


Webhosting and Support is the backbone. A webhosting service simply connects your domain name to a web server. After the advent of cloud computing, hosting services are cheaper and more specialised. Let us look at some of the options
  • Shared Server: The inexpensive option where your website shares space with many other sites on a single server. The disadvantages are that anything going wrong with another site on your server could affect your site too. Also since you share space, it comes with its set of disadvantages like slower speed, performance lags etc . However the price you pay kind of offsets these issues.
This solution is ideal for websites that do not expect too much traffic.
  • Dedicated Server: A dedicated server is a more expensive option which gives you all advantages over a shared server but also has deeper cost implications.
  • Virtual Private Server: A trade off between the dedicated server and the shared server, VPS is one machine partitioned to act like multiple machine.
Make sure that your hosting company has a ready wordpress server If you do not want to use a cpanel and also check if their security systems are good enough to protect your site. Some popular hosting companies are
  • Describe your business: One look at the website should tell viewers what you and your business stand for. This is important since people do not spend more than two seconds on a site they do not want to see. Please keep information easy to navigate on your site. This way your viewers get the full picture.

Use a good CMS:

A content management system is a software that helps manage your website.

Let us look at a few of them and understand what will work for you.

  • This is the easiest CMS you can work with. There is not much technical knowledge or ability needed to set up a website using WIX. The only flip side is that it cannot scale if you scale operations and offerings.
  • WordPress powers more than 40% of websites wordwide including and the Facebook Blog. WordPress is not as easy for a beginner as WIX.If you spend time to understand WordPress, you could ace it in a weeks time.The advantages of wordpress are many.
  1. It is versatile
  2. Scalable
  3. Easy to use
  4. Has a great community support ecosystem


  • Drupal: Drupal is another CMS which is more secure than Word Press but also more technical in nature.It does not have the plugin ecosystem that wordpress does.However if you are outsourcing work on your site Drupal is a good CMS to use.


Optimise your website:

Optimising your website simply means that when people search for items they are interested in and if your website has them, it should feature on the first page of the search.

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