Microsoft has not acquired Sony.
Don't Believe Fake News

The ’news’ which came out of a Spanish portal ‘Microsofters’ and also interpreted  to English from EN24 News said that Microsoft Corporation had obtained equal conglomerate Sony Corp within an astonishing $130 billion bargain. The report also said that the arrangement entailed Microsoft acquiring a variety of branches of Sony Corp such as Sony Pictures, Sony Music, PlayStation branches  cell phone division, its own patents, and its own camera and TV branches. 

What created the doubt of the news being fake , was the reference of Microsoft’s VP of Gambling, Phil Spencer. 

 There are various things which produce the latter seem more realistic than the prior. 

Primarily, once the news broke, no other significant media platform chose the narrative that could certainly have become the story of the year.  Exchange4Media did pick up the story but the book deleted it afterwards.  

A purchase of this amount would require a lot of regulatory characteristics which don’t happen overnight.  Safe to say the information is not correct.

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