Is your Online Marketing Expert any good?

The internet is awash with information. While most people rely on this information, the veracity of most of this is in doubt.

Wikipedia tries to give people credible content and uses certain framework to do it.

Even this is not 100% accurate since Wikipedia relies on secondary information sources.

There have been instances of people questioning their physicians with stuff they have read online to the physicians’ exasperation.

There are websites online now telling you if the piece of information or news you have read is right or wrong.

In a scenario like this, imagine looking for an online marketing expert where everything you know about the person/organisation is online.

It is confusing to know who to listen to and who to ignore.

Making a decision to have an online expert only exacerbates this conundrum.

Is measuring the tenure a good idea?

Conventionally, most people look at the tenure of a business to ascertain the credibility.

While this sounds ok, the bigger question it begets is if the longevity of a business is a sure source of its credibility.

Since this business has little or no entry barriers, longevity may not be a great choice.

You will actually need to figure out quality over quantity.

Reviews References and Testimonials.

In today’s world online reviews can be bought like you buy likes on facebook or instagram.

LinkedIn testimonials too are not a sure shot way of figuring out if you want to partner with an online marketing expert. Most LinkedIn testimonials are a “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” kind of transaction.

Unless you have someone you know who has used the services or can verify the strength of the expert, reviews and references online don’t mean much.

Is He a Thought Leader?

There are a lot of thought leaders in this space. Noah Kegan, Neil Patel, Jon Morrow are thought leaders you should follow to understand the world of online marketing better.

However most of these thought leaders would not be affordable if your budgets are small or if you are a self financed start up.

The Old fashioned Way

This always works. Meet the person, spend time with him, understand the background and strengths that he possesses.See if you get the right vibes about working together.

Though not a fool proof method of looking at an online marketing expert, this works better than other modes.

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