How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines to Sell More?

Study shows that 47 percent of the marketers test with various email subject line for optimizing the performance of the emails. This is why it is very essential to draft email subject lines that are compelling enough to get clicks from the target customers. The email subject line, though, may seem important but are one of the first impressions that you can make on your target customers. And this helps one to stand out in a crowd.

We have compiled a tip list that you should follow to write effective subject lines to attract more target customers.


There is a phrase- Act Now or Buy Now that is used in many infomercials. While using the same language is not recommended; however, you can use the urgency in the email subject line. That would compel the customers to click. Use these phrases rarely when it is genuinely necessary. 


Maintain the curiosity and interest level of the target customer. Hence, manage to make them curious about the content in the email. Make sure that your subject line is enigmatic and yet manages to align well with the brand idea. If it is very obscure, it can be hailed as spam mail. 


Two email subscribers will never be the same. Hence, the emails you send them must also be different. There are ways with the help of which you can know about the jobs, preferences, and other details about the customer. Hence the content must be such that it caters to the individual. This will make them interested to open the email and increase the open email rates.


Customers always have a soft corner for discounted or free items. You can include this prospect in your email subject line. Some people become interested in the email when free stuff is mentioned in the email subject line. 


Customers subscribe to an email list so that they can be kept informed about some topics. To maintain the curiosity levels of the customers, make email subject lines that take into account the trending topics. This will help one to establish the reputation of your brand and also encourage people to read the emails. 


Most customers will be admirers of a famous personality. You can increase their interest and curiosity levels by including the names of such personalities in the content and also in the email subject line. However, this tactic is helpful if the brand or the product of the company aligns with it effectively. If you simply give a name just for the sake of attracting attention, it will not be beneficial. 


You can refer to a great story in the subject line, and this can be read after opening the email. This will increase the curiosity of the customers. However, ensure that the story matches your brand. 

Hence these are some of the ways with the help of which you can write effective email subject lines to sell more. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you to attract more customers and sell your products in a better manner.

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