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How Technology and the Web Have Changed Christmas

Technology and the Web have changed Christmas from a nice family get together to what we see today. But maybe the most essential question is the way it’s changed communication. There was a moment, in the 19th century, when Christmas was barely so well known .It wasn’t until the conclusion of the century it became an yearly party and began to spread across the planet. Ever since that time, adaptation, transformation, and much more transformation following significant technological improvements have staged the Holiday Season.  

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Back in England, Prince Albert introduced a number of the very prominent facets of Christmas together with his sway in adopting the emerging technology in the time and also the significance of artworks.1840 was an important year in technological progress.  It marked the close of the mechanical era , that is proven to have begun in 1450; also it also marked the start of the electromechanical era, that lasted until 1940.A lot of technology emerged throughout the electromechanical eras. Telecommunications, that became significant for delivering handmade postal cards for Christmas, began from the electromechanical era. This age can be referred to as the Victorian age , which continued throughout the reign of Queen Victoria.    

About 1940, the initial large-scale automatic electronic computer In the digital age, the period around 1940  at this time, the computer was designed by Apple Inc., the Apple II.

These technological improvements changed the way individuals celebrated Christmas.  But it’s the Net what actually changed everything in a much larger scale. 

 Before, Christmas trees were  adorned with candles, gingerbread, candy, fruit, and also handmade decorations and tiny gifts. They looked lovely.  There was a time, when Christmas cards have been handmade, decorated with small flowers, drawings,and other all-natural items like leaves were used. They were gifted to friends and family members, mostly in person. Queen Victoria herself created handmade Christmas cards for her loved ones. 

he convention of receiving and giving presents has also been altered with technology.  In precisely the exact same manner, folks first utilized to create their very own Christmas cards that they also create the majority of the items they’d give as Christmas presents. Not a lot of items were bought.  Handmade Christmas Cards are exchanged by e-Cards once the Web became mainstream.


The most evident thing about the way technology has transformed Christmas is in customer behaviour. In-store shopping was substituted in great part by internet shopping. Technology gadgets would be the most desired Christmas gifts .Mobile communications created it effortless to send text messages (SMS) for family and friends around the globe.  However, this was taken over by interpersonal networking.  Twitter and Facebook have changed the Holiday Season which makes it easier to send a single greeting using a photograph of their family tree well decorated to tens of thousands of individuals simultaneously. On the other hand, postal delays are part of the past.  Everybody receives their electronic greetings in an instance, paper-free.  

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An easy Facebook upgrade around Christmas Day is sufficient.  Subsequently, this will probably be upgraded with brief videos and snap images aimed exclusively for social websites updates every day.

Video calling and talks on programs like WhatsApp enable families to be together in the Christmas dinner table if members of their household reside scattered all over the globe.  

Technology shapes the way we discuss and speak in a cultural level.  What’s twitted, listed, Instagrammed, shared, shared, enjoyed, and retweeted in a speed that leaves very little room for assessing the actual significance of everything.Concerning this Technology yet to come we could expect a few more important changes within the upcoming few decades which will also impact the Holiday Season.  But if Christmas will still be accessible in a very long distant future is difficult to tell.  Maybe, 1 day it becomes just like one of these parties that occur previously but exist no longer.  

Later on, folks will have the ability to ship Holiday greetings like a hologram and delivered by means of a robot, exactly like we’ve observed R2D2 sending Princess Leia’s message into Obi-Wan Kenobi.  or, maybe the Holiday greetings have been delivered to some personal digital Reality device. The truth is, even with Artificial Intelligence progressing so quickly and being among those  finest tech trends in 2019, later on, the Holiday Season will incorporate a few social robots helping in cooking preparation for the Christmas dinner along with drones flying the towns providing Christmas online shopping. 

Let us refresh some simple human values until we get overly pumped up by an excessive amount of technology at the Holiday Season. Let us use technologically sensibly and maintain some human worth living until they go totally extinct.



 The very best communication is obviously face-to-face.  Some things cannot be expressed via displays or virtual technology, like what one could say although the eyes when using a deep conversation with somebody.  



The greatest presents are imperceptible to the eye and also do not cost anything.  Even the gift of sharing minutes together with family friends, and other loved ones cannot be wrapped into a box with a ribbon. 


Appreciation and gratitude for these precious gifts should be recalled at the Holiday Season.



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