Have you started to move from Whatsapp to Telegram and Signal? Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook owned Whatsapp has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The latest has been its questionable update in its privacy policy which has brought in huge news bytes. It is no secret that, post acquisition, Facebook has always spoken about inter operability between its services. This is normal for most organizations where they would look at synergizing strengths across platforms by freely sharing information.

The integration with Instagram has made life easy for users who would want a single sign on.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the planet as of writing this blog made a statement about how the new Whatsapp privacy policy was going to make our private lives public and there is this huge uproar to get off Whatsapp.

A recent study found out that more than 90% of people who reacted just added Signal to their download lists and have not deleted Whatsapp. Moreover, minuscule users actually removed Whatsapp but stayed active on Facebook.

“Whatsapp is not your free personal chat board. It is kept free to build the advertisement business. Google does that too and so does Bing. What are we really complaining about?”

This whole Tamasha is akin to the “Cattle Class” furor some time back where people complained about lack of leg space in economy seats of aircrafts.

Have these people stopped flying? NO.

Whatsapp was free right from launch. The founders wanted us to believe that they had lofty ideals of keeping it free and private. Whatsapp raised $ 60 odd million dollars from Sequoia Capital to keep your dreams flying. As with any business, the investors wanted to cash out.

Sequoia made $ 3 Billion on selling Whatsapp, while Whatsapp sold for $16 Billion.

If Facebook was a charity, imagine what they could have done with $16 Billion.

Paid off student loans of 500,000 students in the US.

Bought 17 houses for every homeless person living in the USA.

They could get 64000 flights to the space from Virgin.

The world could have not seen hunger for 231 days.

14000 Mayback Luxury Cars

And many more …….

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