An SEO agency is an expert at making your online presence visible to search engines. They use tools to make your website visible by using technology to try and map google’s algorithm. This is called on page SEO. They also use a lot of measure to make you visible by making your presence felt on other sites. This is off page SEO.

Many SEO companies offer readymade packages to suit different budgets. This is akin to holiday packages but filled with exclusions. If you are on a tight budget and SEO is a checklist item, you could go in for this. On the other hand, your business is personal and you need a customized solution.
This works well in the long run.

Pay Per Click is an online marketing mode pioneered by Google. This essentially means that an advertiser pays google when his ad is clicked and the user visits his online property. There is no bidding that takes place online. Google chooses advertisers based on the price they have paid, the quality of the copy and the relevance of the message.

A Twitter ad in India essentially costs between Rs.100 to Rs.200 per engagement based on the category of the advertisement.Your investment on twitter should be based on a variety of factors some of them being Geography, demographics, budget etc.

Small businesses normally cannot spare budgets for inorganic campaigns.The life of an inorganic campaign is short.Small busineses depend on referrals and quality to grow their business.Content marketing helps achieve these goals by bringing about integrity and believability in the audience’s mind.

Your website is like a sign post planted where there are no people. To make your website visible, you need to display it where people are available or make it interesting for people searching to see.
Marketers use a combination of organic and inorganic strategies to drive leads to your website.

Definitely. The latest trend is to sell locally using online tools. Google launched a P2P marketplace called neighbourly to highlight the importance of local transactions.There is a lot that digital marketing can do to sell locally.

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