All about Podcasts and How to set up your own channel

Before you set up a Podcast channel of your own, it is important to know what exactly a Podcast is. A Podcast is a series of episodes in audio file format. Your audience will subscribe to the podcasts and they will be easily notified whenever new episodes come out.

Many individuals are interested to set up their Podcast channel. We have listed some steps that will ease this process.

Set up a technically viable platform

-For starting a Podcast channel, having a WordPress blog is very helpful. Go to the WordPress back office and then add a category titled Podcast. Then click on Add New Category. 

-You need an audio player so that the listeners can listen to your Podcast from the blog. In the WordPress back office, select Plugins and then click Add New. Next type Audio Player in the Search Plugins. Click Install Now and this will activate the plugin.

– Next, choose software that will allow you to record the sound on your laptop or computer. One can use Audacity or Windows Movie Maker for the purpose. There is other software too that one can use for recording, editing, and uploading audio files. 

-The next step is to obtain the domain feed URL for the blog. By affixing “/category/podcast/feed” after the URL, you can get the podcast feed URL.

– For the next step in setting up the podcast channel, establish the FeedBurner. After signing with a Gmail account, paste the podcast feed URL in the blank field on Check on the box-I am a podcaster. Give a name to the Feed Address and Feed Title. After the FeedBurner feed goes live, the next step is configuring the podcast. This will allow FeedBurner to direct iTunes with regards to the listing of your podcast.

Recording the Audio

-Give a title to the podcast. You can use the name of the blog and add the word podcast. There is space for writing extra words and you can add them to get a good rank in iTunes. Think of natural keywords and insert them in the podcast. 

– The host or the name of the talent doing the podcast also is there in the branding. The name must be used in such a way so that the audience can understand who you are.

– Give a short description to tell about the content of the podcast. Incorporate keywords within this description.

– Add an image to highlight the content of the show.

– Record the podcast and then play on Windows Media Player to check whether everything is apt. 

Sharing the Podcast

Open an account on iTunes and click on Podcasts Tab. Then click on Submit a Podcast. In the blank field, paste the FeedBurner. Then click on continue. After it is complete, click submit. Add a category to the podcast and after it is shared, click done.

With the rise in smartphone usage, Podcast channels have become very important for individuals who love listening to audio files on their way to and fro from work. Follow the steps and set up your channel and gain subscribers with your work.

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