A/B Testing:

This refers to making changes on a web page and trying to see which page evokes the maximum response.This is helpful when have two ideas about how a web page needs to be presented and are not sure of which one to go with.

Average Position:

This is a statistic reference to how your ad ranks in comparison with other ads. Google typically has 4 ads on the top of any search page and more at the bottom. Google determines ad positions based on the ad rank algorithm.


A back link refers to your link that is available on another site.This typically means that you find mention in other sites. This essentially speaks about how other sites are referring to your content.Google authority is gained via Backlinks.

Black Hat SEO:

As the adjective suggests, this is an unethical marketers methods to rank a website higher in a Google search. This is a malicious tactic to increase your page rank. Tactics that do not confirm to Google’s ethical way of SEO is considered Black Hat. Obviously, this doesn’t work for long.

Bounce Rate:

This measures user site engagement. In simple terms, it measures how many users have navigated away from the main page to other pages in the site.This formula provides us with the effectiveness of the site. A bounce rate tells you

  1. If the page loads too slow.
  2. If there is interesting content on the site.

Buyer Personas:

This refers to a fictional character used by digital marketers to represent different buyer types. These are created by doing market research. Personas, in conjunction with market segmentation, make targeting easy.


A chat bot refers to a software program that chats with users without human intervention. The primary purpose of the bot is to provide first level of communication to the web site’s visitors. While Artificial Intelligence is being used to mimic a real life scenarios, chat bots are programmed to answer to certain words or sentences.

Conversion Rate:

This refers to the number of people who make a transaction on a website out of the total number who visit the web site. A conversion rate of 5% means that 5 out of every 100 visitors transact.

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