7 Tips to Choose a Great Domain Name


Getting a good domain name is 50% of the battle won.It makes a good impression and also helps with Search Engine Optimisation.

The key tips to flesh out a good domain name are below

  • Check your competition: Please check what the competition is doing. Now a days most business are opting for name extensions that signify their business.If are in the hotel business, you might want to go in for a .hotel extension. This link gives you list of extensions that are available.


  • There are some sectors that thrive on buying domain names hoping to get first attention or great SEO. These are just myths. Google updates their algorithms regularly and it is now shown that similar domain names may not rank high on google.


  • Easy Peasy: Make is easy to type, pronounce, spell, understand and short. This is very important because people today don’t tend to remember things easily and if your domain name is catchy and easy to remember, you have the advantage of a good recall.


  • COM is not the end: Most people try and accommodate their domain names to suit a dot com since they believe that this is the best.This would have held good a decade and half back, not now.The options on TLD and utility are going up day by day. New extensions are coming in Today is about the extension fitting to your brand and not the vice versa


  • Social Media Compatibility: Consistency is the key to marketing campaigns.Campaigns usually follow a multi pronged multi platform, multi media route.In order to maintain this consistency across all social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest, domain names need to be cross checked to give a consistency to the brand.


  • Short is Good: How easy is it to remember msn.com, google.com, yahoo.com, amazon.in, uber.in.Business is all about recall. You will need to ensure that people know and remember you before your competitor.


  • Check Trademark: Once you buy a domain name, the work starts, you build a website, create social media accounts, spend on content and targeting to realise that the name you have registered online is a registered trademark and they are asking you to pull down your online presence with that domain.It is always a safe bet to check trademark around your brand and product/service before committing to a domain name.


  • Numbers are a no no: AVOID number at any cost. 123greetings.com was popular once upon a time.How many sites do you see with numbers today?
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