7 Digital Marketing ideas for real estate marketers

Go Social

Ensure that you have accounts in as many relevant social media platforms available today. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also Instagram since real estate is a visual delivery. Mere presence is useless unless you have activity going on. Shout using these tools.

Go Social

Go Local with Images

Please remember that you are not only marketing a property but a locality. Go local in providing all photos concerning the neighbourhood of the property. This is particularly important for your customer to think you have the right perspective.

Hire a great Photographer

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t compromise on the quality of photographs you intend to use in your digital media. Get a great photographer to do that for you.

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Create a virtual tour

A virtual tour is akin to working from home. Saves time, effort and energy. Your customer is going to thank you for making his life easy.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards help you get quick visibility on this platform. Post individual properties and create a large enough board to convince your customer that your inventory levels are quite high.

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Optimise your site for small screens

More than 75% of people who surf the internet do so on their mobile devices. Ensure that your mobile site loads fast . Also look for responsive platforms to ensure that you don’t have to work over

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Build a Google My Business Page

One of the fastest ways to optimise so that people can reach you is through a Google my Business page. Get it and watch enquiries soaring.



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